Vibook Q1 2023 Update - 2

Liquidity and Voluntary Market

We started a new cycle of actions that aim in the coming months to add instruments of continued liquidity, through public-private partnerships, where the companies belonging to the Carbon Valley sign partnerships with city halls and thus provide services within the municipalities. The first municipality to sign the term of agreement is the municipality of Várzea Alegre, where the survey and tokenization of carbon credits will be carried out, planting and creation of commercial green nfts and, above all, the purchase of regional carbon credits. In the next two months, the 28 city halls belonging to the network will adapt. Our goal is to have a sustainable and vibrant tokenized voluntary market in 6 months, involving 80 municipalities in the states of Ceará, Paraíba and Piauí.

Unit of liquidity and utility

1 Vibook (environmental credit) = 12 kg of Carbon Credit + 40 square meters of protected area,

Based on this initial concept, vibook adds a utility beyond what was already foreseen, so tokenization will track movements within the voluntary market. Also enabling the application of the token for environmental benefits, which will serve to sell services and application in partner products and feed the ecosystem of the carbon valley.

Action Roadmap

February 2023 - 17 New city halls signing the agreement, Start of voluntary carbon credit market, Launch of green NFTS with partners, where carbon credit will apply + Commercial trees that protect native forest.
March 2023 - Start of liquidity in USD and BRL pairs, Start of sale of environmental benefits for small and medium-sized companies.
April 2023 - Launch of the official headquarters of Vale do Carbono in Nova Russas Ceará
May 2023 - Start of Notary activity for members, applying Vibook Environmental Credit (12 kg of Carbon Credit + 40 square meters of protected area) for records and application for B2B model