Turkey Ambassadors Q3 for 2023

Hi Everyone ,

As an ambassador, I have actively interacted on the BinanceFEED, koinmilyoner channels, including liking, commenting and sharing posts, and I want to continue.

As a NULS ambassador, I act as a defender of the Ecosystem. I am sharing your personal experiences and knowledge with others, I would like to have the opportunity to encourage people to explore and invest in our project again.

As an ambassador, I want to continue to reach a wide audience by writing articles and blog posts about NULS.

This will help to spread awareness and educate the wider audience about the benefits and potential of our project.

I actively participate in our community channels, including Twitter, Telegram, I give guidance, I answer questions in Turkish.

I would like to request your support again to continue promoting the projects in the NULS ecosystem.

Kindest regards.