Suggest brand upgrade and develop lock-up airdrop platform

(1) Brand upgrade: At present, the market attention and trading volume of nuls are very sluggish, and there is a risk of being delisted by exchanges in the long run. Therefore, it is recommended to update the white paper to add more popular concepts (web3, AI…), and at the same time change the name of nuls and hold a brand upgrade conference (either online or offline). This implementation can effectively increase the popularity of the project and create a new currency effect, and the currency price will also increase significantly.

(2) Develop and launch the lock-up airdrop platform function, such as lock-up nuls to obtain corresponding airdrop coins according to the weight of lock-up time and quantity. Contact and support some high-quality projects for airdrop. After this implementation, nuls users can get project airdrops without loss, and project parties can get popularity and community numbers, and the popularity of nuls will also increase accordingly.

Thanks for your advice.

First of all, brand upgrading is difficult on the blockchain. At the beginning of its establishment, the blockchain has its own vision and goals, which is the core concept of gathering communities. In addition, in the blockchain, some information is initially recorded in the genesis block and cannot be changed. Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the information set at the beginning can never be changed. Unless a fork is created like ETC.

The community has experienced 3 brand upgrades in the past, and to be honest, it didn’t help NULS much.

The airdrop platform you mentioned is actually similar to POCM, you only need to stake in POCM to get tokens from other projects. The most difficult thing is that all outstanding projects will be airdropped to NULS holders.

Thanks again, the NULS Council will also discuss and take measures that can be implemented.

I think the three most important things for the development of NULS are also things that I continue to promote.

  1. We should build valuable application scenarios on the NULS blockchain to help the ecosystem develop, which is the most valuable part of the blockchain. To achieve this goal, the core team should work on making it more developer-friendly and providing tools that facilitate ecosystem building.

  2. Use NULS as liquidity. The more projects use NULS as a liquidity pool, the greater the value and demand of NULS. It’s like the entire Crypto is affected by BTC/ETH, because most projects use BTC/ETH as reserves and trading pairs, and the same is true for global currencies using USD for settlement.

  3. As a NULS holder, we should use these ecosystem products more and help promote these application scenarios to more people. This will be very helpful, the most important thing for the growth of the NULS community and the development of the ecosystem is the users.


  1. 我们应该在NULS区块链上建设有价值的应用场景,帮助生态系统发展,这是区块链最有价值的一部分。要达到这一目标,核心团队应该致力于让开发者更友好,提供那些便于生态系统建设的工具。

  2. 使用NULS作为流动性。越多的项目使用NULS作为流动性池,NULS的价值和需求就越大。这就像整个Crypto都收到BTC/ETH的影响,因为大部分项目都是用BTC/ETH作为储备和交易对,全球货币采用USD结算也是如此。

  3. 作为一个NULS持有人,我们应该更多的使用这些生态系统产品,并帮助推广这些应用场景给更多的人使用。这会很有帮助,让NULS社区壮大和生态系统发展最重要的是用户。