Nulswap Funding Renewal

Dear NULS community,

I am writing to provide an update on the use of the rewards obtained through the NULS decentralized governance system over the past three months.
The following is a breakdown of the expenses:

4,053 NULS: IT infrastructure
1,400 NULS: Marketing
22,337 NULS: not used yet
1,000 NULS: aiNULS development and testing
1,210 NULS: mods
10,000 NULS: NULS/USDTN pair

We are happy to report that the funds have been used responsibly and in a manner that we believe will benefit the NULS community as a whole. The servers have been instrumental in maintaining the stability and security of the Nulswap platform, while the videos and marketing initiatives have helped to increase awareness and drive adoption.

The funds allocated for aiNULS development and testing are crucial for our continued growth and improvement, while the mods have helped to ensure that the Nulswap community remains vibrant and engaged.

Lastly, we have used some of the funds to reward a liquidity pool for the NULS/USDTN pair, which we believe will increase liquidity and make it easier for users to access and trade NULS.

We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the decentralized governance system and look forward to continuing to work with the NULS community to build a stronger and more vibrant ecosystem.

Thank you for your support.
Best regards,
Nulswap Team