NULS Indian Ambassador proposal for Q4 2023

Dear NULS Community,

I trust this message finds you all in great spirits. My name is Bullish Pizza, and I’m honored to serve as NULS Ambassador for India. My journey alongside the NULS community has been nothing short of remarkable, and I’m thrilled to unveil my proposal for Q4 2023. I kindly seek your valuable support and vote to continue my role as a dedicated NULS Ambassador.

Throughout my tenure as an Ambassador, my unwavering commitment to the NULS project and its vibrant community has remained paramount. I’ve dedicated myself to providing swift, effective solutions to community queries, ensuring that every NULS user receives the support they deserve to thrive within our ecosystem. My contributions have also extended to disseminating informative articles about the NULS ecosystem, fostering awareness, and educating our community about project developments.

Moreover, I’ve been an active participant in discussions aimed at collectively bolstering and nurturing the NULS project. My input and contributions consistently target the betterment of NULS, emphasizing sustainability and innovation.

In light of my deep engagement and commitment, I propose the consideration of an additional 100K NULS stake in my node. This extension will empower me to make an even more substantial impact on the NULS ecosystem. With increased resources, I can more effectively contribute to the project’s growth and support its overall well-being.

I eagerly anticipate continuing this incredible journey as a NULS Ambassador.

Warm regards,

Bullish Pizza NULS Ambassador for India