NULS Brazil Ambassador for Q1 2024

Hello everyone, for those who still don’t know me, my name is Felipe Henrique, ambassador of Nuls in Brazil, owner of the Criptos Brasil channel, manager of the Nuls blockchain channel on YouTube, and the Brazilian community of Nuls on Telegram. I’m here to ask for the support of all of you so that our work can continue to evolve and grow. About a year ago, when we started all of this from scratch, I never imagined that we could have such significant and rapid growth. Today, the Criptos Brasil channel, as well as the main Nuls channel on YouTube, disseminates knowledge in three different languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Not long ago, we celebrated the milestone of 10,000 subscribers on the main Nuls channel on YouTube, which was truly an incredible feat. However, this number has already grown, and today the main channel has over 23,000 subscribers. Continuing this trend, according to the data shown by YouTube, we achieved a total of 137,400 views within 28 days. In other words, 137,400 people consumed our educational videos and learned more about the entire Nuls ecosystem during this period. This once again proves that our educational videos about Nuls and its ecosystem are indeed of high quality, gaining recognition and acceptance from the global audience.

I believe we are on the right path, building and enriching the Nuls community more and more, always evolving and giving more visibility to the entire Nuls ecosystem and its partners.

Below, I will leave the link to all our social media channels so that the community can follow the work we are doing. I thank everyone in advance and count on your collaboration.

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