NULS Ambassador Reports(India)- March 2023

Last Month:
•Provided support to community members by answering their questions about NULS.
•Conducted research to identify potential collaboration and partnership opportunities for NULS.
•Actively participated in community forums and social media platforms to provide accurate and timely information about NULS.
•Encouraged members to join the NULS ecosystem to promote wider adoption and use cases.
•Developed educational materials to help community members better understand NULS’ value proposition.

This Month:
•Continuously identify and pursue potential collaborations and partnerships for NULS to drive growth and adoption.
•Participate in community initiatives and events to drive awareness and adoption of NULS.
•Create engaging and informative content/posts to help educate community members about NULS technology and use cases.
•Learn and provide technical support and guidance to community members looking to build on the NULS/ENULS blockchain.
•Engage with the NULS community through various channels and platforms to build strong relationships and foster collaboration.