NULS Ambassador Report - August 2023 (Viet Nam)

Last month:

  • Posted articles about the NULS ecosystem in any channel like Twitter, Telegram.
  • Shared the infomation of the latest update of NULS ecosystem for community and translate it to Vietnamese.
  • Answer the question of members in group Telegram and Discord.
  • Shill NULS in any KOLs in Twitters.
  • Make airdrop/giveaway for community to share NULS to the world and encourage holder of NULS.

Next month:

  • Continue support build NULS grow up the community.
  • Make many event airdrop/ giveaway for community of NULS.
  • Take care of the NULS group in Telegram, Discord.
  • Shill NULS in Twitter, special with big KOLs.
  • Update the lastest process of NULS ecosystem for community.