NULS Ambassador Proposal: UK

To the council,

I’m writing to Nuls to express interest in the Ambassador role. Having invested in nuls since 2020 and having a deep passion for the netowrk, I think I’m qualified to serve as an effective representative in the UK.

I live in the United Kingdom and have been following the progress and changes of Nuls throughout the years. I started exploring the world of nuls in 2020 and through the years I saw the amazing growth of Nulswap, Watertiger, Nerve network, Nabox and other nuls products. In addition to motivating my own investment on Nuls, my enthusiasm for nuls has prompted me to now want to be more involved with the community as amabassador.

I am particularly drawn to the mission and values upheld. The innovative approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries align perfectly with my own beliefs. I am eager to contribute to your mission by spreading awareness, fostering connections, and driving engagement within the United Kingdom. Now with the double sidechain of btc and ethereum narrative I think I can psuh nuls to new higher grounds.

My experience in nuls, coupled with my effective communication skills and extensive network within the UK, positions me as a strong candidate for the Ambassador role. I am confident in my ability to effectively represent Nuls, articulate its values, and promote its initiatives to a diverse audience.

In addition to my enthusiasm and expertise in nuls, I bring a proactive and collaborative attitude to the table. I thrive in dynamic environments and am adept at building meaningful relationships with stakeholders from various backgrounds.

I am excited about the opportunity to further discuss how my skills and experiences align with the needs of the company. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to your team and advancing the mission of Nuls

Warm regards,

Tiago Pereira
According, my plans are the following;

Month 1:

Host a kickoff event on Telegram and other social media platforms to introduce myself as the newly elected NULS Ambassador for the UK.

Engage with the NULS community on forums and social media to gather feedback and suggestions for future initiatives.

Translate and disseminate important news and events from NULS to the UK community in local languages.

Create a detailed work plan outlining upcoming activities and milestones for the Ambassadorship term.

Month 2-3:

Organize bi-weekly updates on Telegram and other social media platforms to keep the community informed about NULS news, developments, and events.

Collaborate with other Ambassadors and Operations Councilors during bi-weekly phone call briefings to share insights, discuss strategies, and address any challenges.

Host educational webinars and workshops to promote awareness and understanding of NULS technology and its benefits.

Regularly monitor and engage with the UK community on forums, social media platforms, and local meetups to address inquiries and provide support.

Month 4-6:

Conduct outreach efforts to onboard new community members and investors, emphasizing the advantages of participating in the NULS ecosystem.

Partner with local blockchain organizations, universities, and industry events to increase NULS visibility and foster strategic collaborations.

Prepare and deliver monthly reports detailing activities, achievements, and usage of funds to the NULS community on the forum.

Actively participate in community discussions, answer questions, and address concerns on Telegram and other social media platforms to maintain transparency and accountability.

Node Creation and Maintenance:

Upon election, I will promptly create the ambassador node named “_Ambassador” and set the commission rate to 80%.

The NULS Foundation will stake 200,000 NULS in the node to ensure its participation in consensus.

I will contribute 20,000 NULS as collateral for the ambassador node and commit to its maintenance, ensuring uptime and timely upgrades.

Funds Allocation and Reporting:

Half of the monthly rewards generated by the ambassador node will cover the ambassador’s incentive.

The remaining half will be allocated towards the development of the ambassador role, including community outreach, educational initiatives, and promotional activities.

Detailed reports on fund usage will be provided to the NULS community regularly, demonstrating transparency and accountability.


Broadcast NULS news and events to the UK community in local languages on time, ensuring timely dissemination of information.

Participate in bi-weekly phone call briefings with other Ambassadors and Operations Councilors to collaborate and share insights.

Deliver monthly reports of activities and achievements to the NULS community on the forum, providing transparency and accountability.

Maintain an active presence on Telegram and other social media platforms, representing NULS in the UK with honesty, transparency, and responsiveness.

I am committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of a NULS Ambassador with dedication, integrity, and enthusiasm. With the support of the community, I am confident in my ability to contribute to the growth and success of NULS in the United Kingdom.

Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as a NULS Ambassador and make a positive impact on the community.