NULS Ambassador Proposal : CIS Region

Ambassadore’s offer: NULS

About me:

25 years old, the only CIS region representative of Mind Network (
I lead ambassadorial activity in projects:

Working in programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adome Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Canva, Ai tools


  1. Attracted more than 200,000 viewers from CIS region to Mind Network project by interacting with KOL/Community detailed statistics can be requested from me (Telegram: Contact @iNero9123).
  2. Translated more than 100 articles into Russian and Ukrainian.
  3. Made over 400 tweets about the projects
  4. Moderating a chat room with 300k participants (more than 5 months).
  5. Creating and maintaining regional chat rooms

Mandatory work plan:
Create a regional community in popular social networks for web3 audience
Daily posts
Negotiations with communities and KOLs
Communicating with community
Advertising the project via telegram messages
Communicating with youtube Influencers
Content plan coordination
Searching for partnerships in coordination with the team
Conducting quizzes / mini games for the community