NIP-5_NULS name usage specification

  NIP: 5
  Title: NULS name usage specification
  Author: Reaper Ran <> 
  Status: Last call
  Type: Process
  Created: 2019-1-21


The community publicly launched the joint proposal NULS to enable the Chinese name “纳世链”. Now it has been a public discussion and survey vote for 15 days in the community. It is discussed and operated according to the NIP process, and a standard guidance is given on the use of the NULS name. The community uses the name in accordance with the specifications and displays a unified brand image.


We found that the use of the name of NULS in the community is not uniform and is not conducive to publicity. In order to unify the brand image, let the community correctly use the name of NULS and the logo and other information, according to the proposal of this Chinese name, combined with some existing basic specifications of NULS, propose the NULS name usage specification.


I. the NULS name

  • Project Name: NULS (纳世链)
  • Coin Symbol: NULS (纳世)
  • Coin Unit: 1 NULS (纳世) = 100000000 NA (纳)
  • Products:
    NULS Node Wallet
    NULS Light Wallet
    NULS Virtual Machine[NVM]
    Nulstar——Microservice Manager
    NULS Cross-Chain
    Module Warehouse
    NULS Evolution
    NULS Explorer
    ENULS——EVM compatible blockchain created by the NULS community
    NULS POCM——The SCO platform allows NULS based projects to issue and distribute tokens safely to NULS holders using the POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) smart-contract blockchains
    NULS Stake——Stake DApp

Note: All of the above are capital letters!

II.the use of Logo

III. Others

  • Other usage specifications refer to [NULS VIS] Brand Assets