NIP-4_NULS Ambassadors participate in the election rules

  NIP: 4
  Title: Participation rules of Ambassadors election 
  Author: Reaper Ran <>   Penny <>
  Status: Last Call
  Type: Process
  Created: 2019-5-31


The NULS ambassadors conduct community-building and development in various parts of the world. NULS ambassadors are divided into countries or regions, and each is limited to the selection of one NULS ambassador in principle . The ambassador for each country will be chosen through competition by vote. Ambassadors will run quarterly.


In order to promote the globalization of NULS project, adapt to different cultures and languages of different countries, better help the development and promotion of NULS project, and develop more NULS community members.


The following is a specification of the Ambassadors participate in the election rules.

Ambassadors participate in the election rules

1. Introduction of NULS Ambassadors

The NULS ambassadors conduct community-building and development in various parts of the world. NULS ambassadors are divided into countries or regions, and each is limited to the selection of one NULS ambassador. The ambassador for each country will be chosen through competition by vote. Ambassadors will run quarterly.

2. Duties and Compensation for NULS Ambassadors

a. A candidate for the NULS ambassador is required to create a NULS node.

b. Identify with the NULS concepts of values, understand the core knowledge of NULS and respect the members of the NULS community. The election cycle is quarterly and requires a full 3 month commitment. Consider this commitment before running for election. Ambassadors are expected to meet the full term of the quarterly commitment.

c. The appointment of NULS ambassadors is implemented through the proposal. When the support rate of a candidate’s proposal over 70%,the proposal will be adopted. When there are a number of ambassadors participated in campaign from the same country and apply for the same quarter’s ambassador, the winner will be the one with the highest support rate among them.

d. Ambassadors are required to publicly display their work report summary to the whole community at the end of each month, and show the development and growth of the community as well as their plan for the next month on the forum. The work report should include expenses for that month.

e. The dismissal of an ambassador: Any node can initiate a vote to dismiss an ambassador. The vote will last for a period of 15 days. If the votes in support the dismissal exceeds 50%, then the ambassador will be dismissed. The ambassador who is dismissed cannot participate in the ambassadors’ election again for 3 months.

f. Each NULS ambassador will be entrusted with 200,000 NULS tokens from the community fund of NULS Foundation. The elected NULS ambassadors can use 80% of the consensus rewards for community building, and the remaining 20% will returned to the community fund.

g. The incumbent ambassadors shall provide a work report about community development of this month, as well as a plan for the next month. The work report should include expenses for that month.

h. Half of all rewards of the ambassador’s nodes are rewarded to ambassador(for he need to pay the node server cost and he shall get the rewards of 20,000 NULS he is staking on this nodes). And the other half must be used as development fund of ambassador for community development.

i.About the resignation of ambassador, if the ambassador is voluntarily resigned or subject to recall by the community, please ambassador return the remaining development fund of ambassador to the community fund.

j.The ambassador is a community contributor. If you need to initiate other community fund applications, please carry them out based on the community fund use and management process.

3. How to participate in the election

a. Publish the work plan of the next 3 months for public discussion for15 days(Ambassador of last quarter’s continuation proposal for public discussion for 7 days )

Please post on the NULS forum: NULS-Proposals -

b. Designate a Councilor to initiate a formal proposal and vote for you. The vote will last for a 15-day period, so do your best to swing the votes and campaign!

c. If you’re elected, create a node and name it (Country/Area+Ambassador). Set the commission rate to 80%. The NULS Foundation will stake 200,000 NULS tokens in your node.

Final Tribute to your efforts:

• Congratulations on becoming a NULS ambassador! If you encounter any difficulty, the NULS team and the community will assist you.

• Start your work of community-building and development!

• Help NULS dock more DApps!

• At the end of each month, be sure to submit your report for the current month of community development as well as next month’s work plan on the forum.

Welcome to the NULS community! Let’s work together to create a brighter future for NULS!

If you can deliver more, we have these expectations of you:

  1. Host a local meet-up in your city/country, to meet with members of the NULS community and guide new members;
  2. Provide us with any materials we can use to assist in our marketing, such as photos, videos, meet-ups and articles on business cooperation;
  3. Share the story of NULS to the community;
  4. Translate the videos and other contents produced by the team to your native languages and share with people in your country/region;
  5. If possible, coordinate and communicate with the team and local exchanges to add NULS trading pairs;
  6. Try to get to any possible cryptocurrency conferences in your area, and attend on behalf of NULS;
  7. Help NULS with publicity and be committed to NULS press releases through your local media.

Ambassador Guide


Congratulations on becoming an Ambassador for the NULS community! This guide will help you get started on your mission to engage and grow the NULS community and network effect. The NULS community is a global open-source project that promotes NULS and community development, and is based on the principles of:

  • Transparency
  • Freedom
  • Autonomy
  • Evolution

The vision of the NULS project is based on the following mission

  • Making blockchain technology easy and simple
  • Breaking through the bottleneck of blockchain performance and adoption
  • Reducing the cost of using blockchain technology
  • Increasing security and reliability of data

NULS Ambassadors are the main conduit to engage the community and encourage community members to participate and further promote community development. As such, NULS Ambassadors should always lead by example, and make significant and even greater contributions to community development and the NULS ecosystem.

As an Ambassador of NULS, you will obtain

  1. The high honor of leadership in the NULS community. All Ambassadors’ work will be recorded in the history of the NULS community. In the future, they will be recorded in NULS block data.
  2. Rewards produced by one node. Rewards are used to develop the local NULS community.
  3. Cooperate and work with other Ambassadors from other parts of the world, including in-depth exchanges with the NULS Council on the future development of NULS.
  4. The support of the NULS community members. It will be very easy to establish your own nodes based on the community’s approval of your developments, planning, performance and effect.

As an Ambassador of NULS, Your Mission is

A. Community Development

  1. Let others know about NULS via Internet or offline communications.
  2. Organize some NULS fans or volunteers to promote the technology and concepts of NULS.
  3. Share the development from other areas of the NULS community with your local community.
  4. Continuously share the progress, planning, news, etc. of the NULS project to the local community.
  5. Contact local media and forums to help NULS publicize presentations or news.
  6. Share the story of NULS with the local community.
  7. Any materials can be provided from the marketing team to assist the Ambassadors, such as photos, videos, meet-ups, and business cooperation articles.
  8. Share videos or other content produced by the team in the local language of the people in your country/region.
  9. If possible, coordinate with exchange teams for local exchanges to add NULS trading pairs.
  10. Help to build some blockchain projects based on NULS, including both blockchains and/or DApps.

B. Community Activities

  1. Host local meet-ups in your city or country, meet with members of the NULS community, and guide beginners to learn more about NULS.
  2. Participate in any possible cryptocurrency gatherings in your area and represent NULS.
  3. Organize other local members (NULStars) to participate in or attend offline activities on behalf of NULS.
  4. Publicize and sponsor NULS in combination with events, conferences, hackathons, workshops, festivals, etc. by organizing in local forums or offline activities.
  5. Try to work with some businesses and guide them to support the use of cryptocurrency for deduction, payment or title.

Recruit Volunteers[NULStar] to Organize Local Communities

  1. Recruit local NULS fans or volunteers to set up online communication groups, and guide them to promote the development of NULS.
  2. Organize some offline meet-ups.
  3. Introduce more blockchain investors to NULS and guide them towards investing in NULS.
  4. Help grow out network effect by encouraging blockchain technology enthusiasts, developers, and content producers to join our community.

Develop a Local NULS Ecosystem

  1. Try to contact some local exchanges to list NULS for free. If some good exchanges require listing fees, you can introduce them to the NULS team.
  2. Dock blockchain projects to develop on NULS and create blockchains and DApps built on NULS.
  3. If you have any third-party wallet apps or hardware wallets that you are used to, please try to contact them to support NULS.

Spread the Concepts and Features of NULS Technology with Local Communities

  1. Find some local technology forums or blockchain forums to help NULS present relevant information to the participants.
  2. Get in touch with some local technology media or blockchain media to do some interviews or reports on behalf of NULS, and also publish some NULS news.
  3. Use local mainstream media websites to spread the news and progress of NULS.

NULStar Guidelines And Duties

  • Requirements for becoming a NULStar
  1. Must be an active member in the community. This includes retweeting, subscribing, following and liking material and content on social media outlets or creating social media accounts to help promote NULS. It also includes contributing some manner of content (art, ads, articles, or active positive participation in NULS Discord, TG, WeChat communities, etc.) or participating in our community activities and contests with an entry of content or action.
  2. Must be knowledgeable about the NULS project—understand concept, mission, values, goals and be abreast of developments and news surrounding the project. A test accompanies this position to verify a potential NULStar is adequately informed about the project.
  3. Must live in a city with over 350k population.
  • Duties of a NULStar
  1. Display a working knowledge of concepts of our technology, the vision of the platform, the values of NULS community, and goals of growing our community. Anything over 85% score on NULStar test qualifies an individual to become a NULStar.
  2. Attend regular crypto meetups held within the NULStar city/area to present and discuss NULS project. The meetups can include Ethereum, Bitcoin, and blockchain meetups and events.
  • Rewards for NULStars
  1. NULStars are commissioned by NULS Ambassadors in their respective regions, and NULStars are paid individual bounties negotiated by each Ambassador. All bounties are paid in NULS and run between 50-100 NULS per meetup. Bounty amounts are designated at the discretion of the Ambassador.
  2. NULStars who have demonstrated excellent communication skills and adhered to the mission and values of the project, including contributing growth to the community as a direct reflection of efforts made by them in their city, can participate in future campaigns as Ambassadors in their region.