NerveBridge DApp-Your Cross Chain tool

1.Download Nabox Wallet

Link to download: you can create a new account or import the private key you currently own. Nabox wallet will automatically generate wallet addresses

Reminder:Nabox is a decentralized wallet, make sure you take good care of your private.

2.Click “Discover”, search NerveBridge (

2.1 Enter NerveBridge, connect to【MetaMask】or 【Nabox】→【Generate multi-chain address】→【Confirm】.

2.2 Switch to NerveNetwork. From NerveNetwork—— Choose a target chain —— Choose asset—— Choose amount, certain amount of gas fee will be charged to proceed the cross chain transfer otherwise the action would fail——Next .

2.3 Authorize the transfer. The transaction will be completed in 2-5 minutes.

Reminder :Make sure the private of target chain and Nerve chain remain the same.