NCG20230524 POCM New Requirements

POCM is one of the most used projects on NULS and implements a unique system to promote the development of ideas/projects.
But currently POCM has been hijacked by scams and low level projects that do not even develop on NULS and only damage NULS reputation. This means that they are just an exit of liquidity from NULS Blockchain to other blockchains without any benefit for NULS. Therefore this proposal intends to introduce new requirements for new POCM projects.

New Requirements:

  • Require Governance Approval for projects to enter the POCM program
  • Have a functional project running on NULS Blockchain or ENULS with at least 1 smart contract up and running.
  • Be traded in at least one CEX or DEX.
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I seriously thought about this proposal. The suggestion is very good, but it is not easy to implement.

What you see may be that projects are used to collect money. Generally speaking, the entire industry and investment field are doomed to 90% of projects will fail. This is also the difference in cognition between ordinary people and qualified investors, and qualified investors have fault tolerance in their thinking.

The POCM model means that there will be no loss of principal, and the pledge to support early projects should be more like a public good utility, supporting innovation and the development of the ecosystem. This is the original intention of the design.

Only when everyone rushes to come here to issue projects. It only makes sense to vote on proposals or make stricter requirements. What everyone doesn’t know is that most of these projects are basically the result of team business communication. If you don’t go to business development and don’t even have a project, it will be difficult to implement requests for projects. There is a gap between theory and reality.


We could start just by requiring projects to need 1 smart contract on nuls, for example a stake, pool, nft, etc to increment nuls transactions.