Join the NULS ecosystem and deploy on ENULS

NULS blockchain launched for more than 5 years. In the past, we worked on our own blockchain bottom layer. Recently, we are preparing to launch the EVM compatible chain ENULS. At present, the test network has been launched and the main network is ready.

NULS has been listed on Binance for 5 years, and NULS has many enthusiastic community members. Hope you can become our ecosystem project, we look forward to developing together with you.

ENULS, initiated by the NULS community, is a blockchain that is fully compatible with EVM and Web3 API interfaces.

We are holding an event, as long as users experience your product on the ENULS network, they can get some free NULS airdrops, which are used to help your project gain users in the NULS community. If your project performs well here, we will also provide some free NULS rewards to the project team.

NULS区块链已经上线5年多。 过去,我们是做自己的区块链底层。 近期,我们准备上线EVM兼容链ENULS。 目前测试网已经上线,主网准备就绪。

NULS已经顶级的平台Binance等上市,NULS拥有众多热情的社区成员。 希望您能成为我们的生态项目,我们期待与您共同发展。

ENULS由NULS社区发起,是一个完全兼容EVM和Web3 API接口的区块链。

我们正在举办一个活动,只要用户在ENULS网络上体验你的产品,就可以获得一些免费的NULS空投,用于帮助你的项目在NULS社区获得用户。 如果您的项目在这里表现良好,我们还将为项目团队提供一些免费的NULS奖励。