Indian Ambassador 2023 Q2

Namaste Nuls Community,
My name is Bullish Pizza, i’m from India.I am interested in becoming a Nuls ambassador again.
I have 3 years of experience in the blockchain industry and a deep passion for blockchain technology.
I believe Nuls is a unique and valuable blockchain platform and am excited to represent it as an ambassador.
I have excellent communication skills and can effectively explain the technical features of Nuls to potential users, developers, and investors.
I have creative ideas for promoting Nuls and am willing to take the initiative to implement them.
I hope this message finds you well. As a dedicated member of the Nuls community and an active Ambassador, I am writing to request an increase in my staked NULS tokens from 200k to 300k for the next quarter.

I have been a committed supporter of the Nuls project and have demonstrated my belief in the platform by communicating with many projects and community members . I am confident that increasing my stake to 300k tokens will allow me to make an even greater contribution to the NULS/ENULS network and help promote its growth and success.