How to interact with the existing ENULS ecosystem applications

As time went by, after the team’s dedication, the ENULS test net was finally activated. Some projects are currently running on the test net, and the article today will guide us on how to interact with these applications. You will share a portion of 60,000 NULS Airdrop if you join the test, whether making a transaction on the test net or making a swap in the ecosystem DEXes.


Claim ENULS Testnet token on faucet

Before you can interact with the ENULS ecosystem DApps, remember to claim some test tokens from the ENULS faucet:

  1. Connect with Nabox Wallet or Meta Mask wallet, you can download Nabox wallet from
  2. Request NULS test token by clicking “REQUEST 2 NULS”

  1. You will see your wallet balance after switching your Nabox Wallet to ENULS test net.

Live DApps on ENULS Testnet.

Simply interact with these DApps on any ENULS- compatible wallet to share 60,000 NULS.

  1. Visit, and connect to your wallet. Make sure you switch the network to ENULS test net before connecting.
  2. Use the test token you claimed previously from the faucet to make a direct swap.
  3. Find the hash of the swap you just completed on CUBISWAP on ENULS explorer.
  4. Submit the transaction hash and your basic info in the form below:

CUBISWAP Interface

  • NerveSwap

To be continued…

  • NerveBridge

To be continued…

About the NULS ecosystem Airdrop

Airdrop rules: Airdrop to early ecosystem participants monthly, each user can only submit the form only once.

Information/Tasks required:

  1. Follow NULS’s Twitter
  2. Join NULS Discord channel
  3. Submit interaction info

To avoid bots participants, the early bird bonus will only be Airdrop to these address that has BAB token, meanwhile, we will take measures to exclude single user with multiple entries.

The Airdrop is also open to developers, read our previous content for more details.