Brazilian Influencer

Hello everyone, my name is Vinicius Ferreiro and I’ve been a Youtuber in Brazil for over 6 years, always talking about Cryptocurrencies, I currently have over 44k Subscribers on Youtube.

Recently I’ve been hard at work producing a lot of videos for the NULS ecosystem; Tutorials, Updates and more.

There have been more than 40 Videos on Youtube alone and many more on Instagram, Tiktok and even Twitter.
NULS Playlist on my Channel:

Many of my Videos are translated into English and Spanish and uploaded to the NULS Official Channel and to the Brazilian Emabixador Channel.
Youtube NULS:
Youtube Ambassador Brazil:

To continue with this work that costs me a lot of time and effort, I would like to request a support of 390K NULS in Stake on my node.

I commit to continue producing every month:
4 Long Videos on Youtube. (Which may be translated into other languages on other channels)
3 Short Videos, which will be posted on both my Instagram and TikTok profiles.
Support by commenting and sharing NULS updates on Twitter.

I really like the NULS project and I would really like to continue this work, because I believe that NULS is just not bigger today because many people still don’t know about it, and I hope that with my work I can bring NULS to more people.

These are my official social networks.
Instagram: Vinicius Ferreiro | Bitnoob (@viniciusbitnoob) • Instagram photos and videos
Tiktok: Vinicius Bitnoob (@viniciusbitnoob) | TikTok

If you have any questions or tips, let me know in the comments.

How many NULS you are getting awarded from the nodes by publishing clips and articles?