Brasil ambassadors Q3 for 2024

Hello everyone!

I am Felipe Henrique, responsible for producing and managing content on the official Nuls channel on YouTube, Facebook and the Criptos Brasil profiles on YouTube and Twitter (X). I am very pleased to be back here after the last quarter to thank and congratulate each of you who helped the official Nuls YouTube channel reach the milestone of 100,000 subscribers. We even received a special silver plate from YouTube for the 100k milestone, which will soon be posted on Nuls’ profiles.

I emphasize that none of this would be possible without the support and participation of the entire community. This achievement is a great reason for us to continue producing educational content about the ecosystem, showing that our hard and continuous work, started more than two years ago, even in a bear market, is now bearing fruit and yielding surprising results.

For this work to continue and for Nuls to become increasingly recognized worldwide through our content, the Nuls Blockchain channel on YouTube and I need your support once again. Your support is essential for the growth of Nerve Network, Nulswap, Nabox, and all the other projects that are part of this incredible Nuls ecosystem.

Thank you all very much.

Nuls channel on Youtube

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