Ambassadore application ss044.eth

Hello, “username”. My name is ss044eth. I am a qualified professional in the field of marketing, community management. I have extensive experience in an ambassadorial role as well as a content creator.

My experience in ambassadorship dates back to 2021. Back then, I started my journey with small programs and further pumped my skills as an ambassador. As of 2024, my portfolio has 21 ambassadorship programs (from no-name companies to giants).

My abilities.

-Conducting offline/online events.

-Creating/translating articles in several languages (main English, others French and Russian)

  • Community management

  • Moderation of discord/telegram channels.

-Development of projects with/without budget.


Discord - @ss044eth

Telegram - @ss044eth

Twitter - @ss044eth

Telehype - ss044.eth — Teletype

Medium -

Ambassador Programs.

  • Smart Layer (2022-present).


Article writing.

Translating articles

Engaging new audiences.

Conducting online and offline events.

More work on Medium’s profile.

  • 5ireChain

Moderating discord server


Promotion of the project in social networks.

  • GateIO


Writing texts.

Attracting new users.

Supervising a group of ambassadors.

My old portfolio.

NULS Local Marketing Campaign - Three-Month Plan

This plan outlines a three-month marketing strategy to build brand awareness and establish NULS within a specific region.

Month 1: Laying the groundwork

  • Research: Identify key events, influencers, and potential partners in the local blockchain scene.
  • Content Creation: Launch a blog/vlog series in the local language to educate and engage the community with NULS developments.
  • Webinars: Host introductory webinars on NULS features and benefits for blockchain enthusiasts and potential investors.
  • Community Engagement: Actively participate in local blockchain forums and discussions, sharing insights about NULS.

Month 2: Building the community

  • Meetups: Organize a meetup (virtual or physical) to foster connections with the local NULS community and gather feedback.
  • Developer Engagement: Collaborate with local developers and tech communities to encourage building projects on the NULS platform.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Run social media challenges and bounty programs to increase brand visibility and community participation.
  • Monthly Newsletter: Create and distribute a newsletter summarizing NULS news, updates, and community achievements.

Month 3: Expanding reach and impact

  • Education: Partner with a local educational institution to introduce blockchain and NULS technology to students.
  • Ambassador Program: Launch a local NULS ambassador program to recruit and train community members to promote NULS.
  • Business Partnerships: Schedule meetings with potential local businesses to explore integration and use cases of NULS within their operations.
  • Performance Review: Evaluate the past two months’ progress, adjust strategies, and plan for the next quarter.

Measuring Success

  • Track growth in local NULS community membership and engagement.
  • Monitor increased social media presence and interactions in the region.
  • Monitor the number of partnerships and collaborations established.
  • Measure attendance and feedback from webinars, meetups, and other events.
  • Track the development of new projects on the NULS platform within the region.

This revised plan uses simpler language and focuses on the key actions for each month. It also highlights the metrics used to measure the campaign’s success.

Looks like you can do something, can you contact me on Telegram?