Wormhole3's Proposal to Create two Nodes to support NULS Community

Nuls and Wormhole3 reached a long-term strategic cooperation in February 2022. Nuls supports the application proposal to create nodes through community funds, which is suitable for Wormhole3’s long-term cooperation. Wormhole3 hopes to apply for two nodes, All proceeds will be used to support 1) the development of the #nuls tag on Twitter by the NULS community; 2) Build the NULS content community

Reward Calculation for each node

Commission ratio:80%

Daily Reward:116.0404 Nuls

Weekly Reward:812.282 Nuls

Monthly Reward:4529.5699 Nuls

Yearly Reward: 42354.7306 Nuls

Reward Address
Package address: NULSd6HgZy965fdShJSubwT6uYYCQXY25d1eK

Reward address: NULSd6HggXSGfhKResKKRYbKFNCgr72ADjsLg

Future Collaboration Plan
Wormhole3 and Nuls&Nabox have maintained a good long-term cooperative relationship. On the basis of mutual trust, we also hope to cooperate deeply in the future to build the Web3 ecosystem together.

The cooperation items are as follows:

  1. Wormhole3 joins the ENULS ecosystem and supports ENULS chain;
  2. Support Nabox wallet (and Nerve cross-chain scheme to distribute Token in the curation reward pool)
  3. Nutbox, the same ecological project as Wormhole3 will be deployed on ENULS and combined with its POCM.