PheasantSwap's proposal to create four nodes to support the NULS community

NULS is a well-established blockchain with years of technical expertise and a track record of steady development. The announcement by the NULS community to launch ENULS, a blockchain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), has us very excited. This means that we can easily create an ecosystem project and contribute to the development of the community and the NULS ecosystem.

PheasantSwap is a decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM) platform based on ENULS. By leveraging NULS’ parallel chain and cross-chain technology solutions, we enable fast, low-cost, efficient, infinitely scalable, and decentralized trading. Through NULS and NerveNetwork cross-chain networks, dozens of blockchain tokens can be transferred to ENULS, and we provide near-zero gas fees, lowering the barriers for ordinary users to enter the blockchain and Web3 world.

We are from the NULS community and are loyal fans of NULS. We created PheasantSwap based on the principles of decentralization and community fairness. We are committed to providing the best service and support to NULS community users and hope that every user can become a member of our team.

PheasantSwap hopes to apply for four nodes, and all the rewards will be used for NULS-related liquidity mining incentives on PheasantSwap.

Reward Calculation for each node
Commission rate: 100%
Daily reward: 144.7163 NULS
Weekly reward: 1013.0141 NULS
Monthly reward: 4401.7889 NULS
Annual reward: 52821.4672 NULS

Reward Address
Node packing addresses: NULSd6HgYUbiSe5uY3GnMydvSTBYKwmed5FBD
Node packing addresses: NULSd6HgYQEkHbffZbYuevwphWKNMQbrMjrSA
Node packing addresses: NULSd6HgVsUP4RhBAWHAUEwMBJkoPw5tWyapF
Node packing addresses: NULSd6HgcBgxRYwsbipFx7UBKPP6Nh8TekHb9

Node reward addresses: NULSd6HgaQ1X9bfcBCb5rRYyY5NHGDynjJKv6