NULS Ambassador Reports - April 2023

Dear NULS Community,

Thanks for supporting the Ambassador Program proposal. Here are the active NULS Ambassadors:

Koinmilyoner (Turkey 16:00) UTC+3 @Emozy
Node:NULS Explorer

Felipe (Brazil 10:00) UTC-3 @Felipe
Node:NULS Explorer

Joao (Portugal 13:00) UTC 0 @Joao
Node:NULS Explorer

Pizza (India UTC 18:30) UTC +5 @BullishPizza
Node:NULS Explorer

Thank you for your continued support!

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Last Month

•Reached out to other blockchain projects for collaborations.
•Participated in events to promote the Nuls ecosystem.
•Helped the community by answering questions and providing support.
•Learned more about the Nuls ecosystem through studying technical documents and engaging with the community.

This Month

•Collaborate with other blockchain projects to promote the use of Nuls and explore new opportunities for partnerships.
•Engage with the community and answer their questions.
•Create educational content such as Articles and guides to help new users understand and navigate the Nuls ecosystem.
•Engage with the Nuls community on social media platforms and Discord to foster a supportive and collaborative environment.

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