NIP-9_NULS Technical Constitution

 NIP: 9
 Title: NULS Technical Community Charter
 Author: Niels <>
 Discussion channels:
 Status: Draft
 Type: Process
 Creation date: 2019/07/30


With the development and growth of the NULS technology community, the NULS technology community has absorbed more and more developers from all over the world. In order to enable developers to collaborate efficiently and receive rewards based on actual efforts, we hope to establish A well-functioning mechanism and a flexible and friendly community charter to govern the technical community of NULS


This community is centered on the underlying R&D and maintenance team, including application developers, tool developers, and outsourced service providers. It is responsible for solving all technical problems such as NULS network maintenance, application development, and tool iteration.


The former CODE CRAFT COUNCIL is a loose and open open organizational structure with no managers and no assessment mechanism. After members join, they can only contribute according to their own conscious, and the results are very limited, but each member can get a stable payment, which is unfair. The goal of our reform is to improve the efficiency, fairness and combat effectiveness of NTC.



We can try to divide the NTC into two levels. The top management will temporarily slow down the progress, and run in the traditional community council mode. At the bottom of each sub-circle, try to try the standard system until everyone Very familiar with the system, then carry out the reform of NULSCracy.

NTC’s organizational structure

For the normal development of NTC, different organizations should be set up at different stages. Combined with the current development status of CCC, a new organizational structure is designed and assembled, as follows:

Root Circle–NTC

Everyone belongs to NTC, and all circles belong to the sub-circle of NTC. The management of NTC is handled by the NTC Council. The way to start work is to establish specific circles for specific businesses. Each circle is the experience accumulated by NTC practice holacracy. When it is accumulated to a certain extent, it will carry out the reform of NULSCracy.

NTC Council(NTCC)

The NULS Technical Community Council is composed of singular members and is expected to have 5 to 9 members. NTCC is responsible for the results of the entire NULS technical community.

NTCC’s responsibilities
  • Discuss and decide on major NTC issues
  • Manage NTC members
  • Listen to and review reports from sub-circles to resolve difficulties encountered by sub-circles
  • Modify NTC organizational structure
  • Decide on the technical direction of NULS and continue to innovate
  • Enhance NTC technology strength
NTCC member composition

The initial members of the NTCC are composed of technical directors of the NULS Community Council. The NULS Community Technology Director is the core technical staff selected by all the holders of the currency, a total of four. Responsible for technical work in the community council and communication and information synchronization between the community and the technical community. Among the four community directors, the chief director of the rotation is set up. The responsibility is to report to the community the results of this week’s NTC work, the next week’s plan and the problems encountered. The chief director of the rotation shall be appointed for a term of three months. After the expiration, the rotation shall be in the order of the next technical director.
After the election of the technical director results, the number of NTCC members needs to be increased. According to the total number of NTCs, one and three members are required, and five NTC members are added to the NTCC. The joining method is appointed by the technical director. The system does not interfere with how the technical directors agree, but as long as the NTCC members are insufficient, the NTCC award will not be issued.
To become an NTCC member, you need to have basic requirements. Not all NTC members can become NTCC members. The specific requirements are as follows:

  • full time
  • Working in NTC (including coreteam) for more than 3 months.
NTCC Rights

Make decisions on all matters within NTC, including but not limited to:

  • NTC member management: joining the review, rating, remuneration, dismissal members
  • Determine the technical direction and technical details of NULS
  • Project progress tracking, assessment and risk management
  • Performance appraisal
  • Management of reward tasks: initiation, tracking, conducting, payment, acceptance, etc.
  • Other technical community affairs
NTCC can’t decide things

Any changes related to the changes described in the white paper must be voted in the community and NTCC has no right to change.

NTCC role settings

  • Secretary: The organization responsible for the meeting, the synchronization of the hosting, recording and information
  • Treasurer: Responsible for the calculation of member compensation, node creation and delegation.
NTCC rewards

Because the role of NTCC is not the primary role of a member, each role is concurrent with the other roles of other circles, so the reward is distributed in the same way as the reward of the main character.
Taking into account the particularity of the NTCC, the NTCC members are not graded and only symbolic rewards are made:

Role Foundation Extra Awards Description
secretary 1000 NULS/Month 200NULS/Month Basic rewards are not superimposed with technical director rewards
Finance staff 1000 NULS/Month 200NULS/Month Basic rewards are not superimposed with technical director rewards
Member 1000 NULS/Month 0 Basic rewards are not superimposed with technical directors rewards

NTC Convention

  1. The UTC holds a regular meeting at 10:00 UTC every Thursday. The meeting is presided over by the secretary. After the meeting, the meeting minutes are sent to relevant personnel, and relevant personnel can forward the meeting minutes as appropriate. The three meetings before each month are the NTCC regular meeting and the fourth meeting is the NTC general meeting. The meeting was conducted using the tool Zoom. The sub-circle weekly meeting mechanism can be adjusted according to the specific situation, but it is recommended that each sub-circle conduct a weekly meeting before the NTCC meeting.
    Zhou Hui attendance: When a member is absent for two consecutive weeks, but there is no early leave, a warning is given to cancel the qualification for the quarterly application. The member was removed from the NTC after being left unwarranted after the warning.
  2. Each NTCC member can convene an ad hoc meeting to deal with critical events in a timely manner.
  3. Actively participate in the discussion of various proposals, express their opinions cautiously and clearly, and be responsible for their opinions.
  4. The Technical Director reports weekly to the NULS Council on the work of the NTC. The rotating chief technical officer is responsible for checking the weekly reports of all members and urging members who have not submitted weekly reports. Summarize all weekly content for risk control
  5. The ITC publishes an NTC work report to the community every half month (the current work, the next plan)
  6. Leadlink in any sub-circle can communicate with any NTCC member, feedback questions, make suggestions, seek decisions, etc.
  7. The NTCC unifies the division of labor for each member, with a focus on the comments of the sub-circle Leadlink.
  8. When a member of the NTCC quits, promptly add new members to the NTCC.
  9. The NTCC is a community and the Board can evaluate and punish NTCC results.
  10. Guide working hours
  • full time
    80 hours/2weeks
  • part time
    40 hours/2weeks
    Each member reports their working hours and output results in the weekly report. The other members of the project are working with the NTCC to assess whether the output is normal. If the results are insufficient, they can be submitted to the NTCC for punishment. The means of punishment can be Warning, downgrade, leave NTC three.
  1. Each member is required to submit a weekly report that fully describes his work time, work content, and work results this week. The weekly report is written in Markdown format. After writing, the content is uploaded to github, which is inspected and supervised by the rotating chief technical officer (other members can also be assigned)
    The weekly report must be submitted. If a member has not submitted a weekly report for two weeks, the reward will be discontinued until the member completes the weekly report and explains the reason. If the member does not send a weekly report for one month, the member is removed from the NTC.
  2. Member level change
    After the implementation of this program has been implemented, everyone can apply for a registration assessment to help NTCC members to better assess their grades through working hours and work output.
    In principle, each member performs a registration assessment at most once a quarter. (The first time is the registration assessment, the second is the change assessment). When the NTCC takes the initiative to adjust the level to a member, it does not need to occupy the quarterly assessment indicator.
  3. NTC member holidays
    If the members have insufficient working hours, they can apply for replenishment in the next cycle. After the approval of the board of directors, the payment will not be affected.
    For their own reasons, members need to stop working for a certain period of time. After the approval of the board of directors, they can conduct a “lost payoff”. If the board does not agree, it is considered to leave the NTC.
    A paid holiday of 15 working days a year, the holiday time can be freely controlled.
  4. Members join
    All applicants are welcome to apply for the application, specific application materials: resume, why to join NTC, and plans to join NTC.
    Joined NTC after being approved by the NTCC.
  5. Member probation period
    New members have a three-month probationary period after joining NTC. They have no remuneration for the first month, 80% for the second and third months, and 100% for the probationary period.
  6. Member exit
  • Proactive withdrawal: application, handover, settlement payment
  • Dismissal: notify the whole community, settlement payment
  1. Remuneration
  • All members use NULS as the payment settlement method

  • In principle, each member needs to provide the server itself, maintain a NULS node, and set the node’s reward address to the financially specified address.

  • It is financially responsible to adjust each member’s node settings and fund delegation in a timely manner. The specific amount of compensation is calculated according to role and level.

  • The remuneration of outsourced personnel needs to be paid in segments. The specific payment amount and time are determined by the docker and NTCC.

  • What else to do in the future:

    1. Performance appraisal mechanism, the results of the assessment and the rewards are linked.

    2. Remuneration management contract: At present, the core team manages the node establishment and commissioning work. In the future, a smart contract will be prepared to collect the income of all addresses in a unified manner, and the amount of each member will be set monthly. Each member will receive remuneration on a regular basis.

Member Reward Hierarchical Design

We designed a hierarchical reward model in four cases, which deal with the calculation of NULS’s rewards in different price ranges. The following five price ranges: <$1, $1 - $3, $3 - $5, $5 - $10,> $10. The specific settings are as follows:

NULS price is less than 1 dollar

At this time, the full-time minimum wage is about 1030 NULS, and the highest is about 7213 NULS.

Full-time Full-time Full-time Full-time Part-time Part-time Part-time Part-time
level deposit commission stake specification deposit commission stake specification
level 1 2w 40 20w 10w staking reward 2w 15 20w 5w staking reward
level 2 2w 90 20w 20w staking reward 2w 40 20w 10w commission staking reward
level 3 2w 100 28w 30w staking reward 2w 65 20w 15w staking reward
level 4 2w 100 33w 35w gain 2w 78 20w 17.6w gain
level 5 2w 100 38w 40w staking reward 2w 90 20w 20w staking reward
level 6 2w 100 43w 45w staking reward 2w 100 20.5w 22.5w staking reward
level 7 2w 100 48w 50w staking reward 2w 100 23w 25w staking reward
level 8 5w 100 50 55w staking reward 2w 100 25.5w 27.5w staking reward
level 9 10w 100 50w 60w staking reward 2w 100 28w 30w staking reward
level 10 20w 100 50w 70w staking reward 2w 100 33w 35w staking reward
NULS is between 1 dollar and 3 dollar

At this time, the full-time minimum wage is about 1030 NULS, and the maximum is about 5666 NULS.

Full-time Full-time Full-time Full-time Part-time Part-time Part-time Part-time
level deposit commission stake specification deposit commission stake specification
level 1 2w 40 20w 10w staking reward 2w 15 20w 5w staking reward
level 2w 65 20w 15w staking reward 2w 28 20w 6,000 entrusted staking reward
level 3 2w 90 20w 20w staking reward 2w 40 20w 10w staking reward
level 4 2w 100 23w 25w staking reward 2w 53 20w 12.6w staking reward
level 5 2w 100 28w 30w staking reward 2w 65 20w 15w staking reward
level 6 2w 100 33w 35w staking reward 2w 78 20w 17.6w staking reward
level 7 2w 100 38w 40w staking reward 2w 90 20w 20w staking reward
level 8 2w 100 43w 45w staking reward 2w 100 20.5w 22.5w staking reward
level 9 2w 100 48w 50w staking reward 2w 100 23w 25w staking reward
level 10 5w 100 50w 55w staking reward 2w 100 28w 30w staking reward
NULS price is higher than 3 dollars

To be determined

Project Circle Character Design

Each of the above roles can be taken from the basic role of the members, the compensation is calculated according to the project’s needs and the basic role, the project leader can make a proposal for the complex rewards, and the NTCC will pass the audit.
Other gameplay can also be applied to the NTCC and implemented after approval.

 NIP: 9
 标题: NULS技术社区章程
 作者: Niels <>
 状态: 草稿
 类型: 流程
 创建日期: 2019/07/30






曾经的CODE CRAFT COUNCIL是一个松散的平等的开放型组织结构,没有管理者,没有考核机制。成员加入之后只能根据自觉来进行贡献, 成果非常有限,但每个成员却可以稳定的获取报酬,这是不公平的。我们改革的目标是提高NTC的效率,公平性和战斗力


合弄制 holacracy





所有人都属于NTC,所有圈子都属于NTC的子圈子。NTC的管理事务由NTC Council处理。工作展开的方式是具体业务建立具体的圈子来进行,每个圈子都是NTC实践holacracy的经验积累,当积累到一定程度后,再进行NULSCracy的改革。

NTC Council(NTCC)


  • 讨论和决定NTC重大问题
  • 管理NTC成员
  • 听取和审查子圈子的报告,解决子圈子遇到的困难
  • 修改NTC组织结构
  • 决定NULS的技术方向,持续创新
  • 增强NTC技术实力


  • 全职
  • 在NTC(包括coreteam)中工作时间超过3个月。


  • NTC成员管理:加入审核、评级、报酬发放、辞退成员
  • 确定NULS的技术方向和技术细节
  • 项目的进度跟踪、评估及风险管控
  • 绩效考核
  • 悬赏任务的管理:发起,跟踪,进行、支付报酬、验收等
  • 其他技术社区内事务



  • Secretary:负责会议的组织,主持、记录和信息的同步
  • Treasurer:负责成员报酬的计算,节点的创建和委托。


角色 基础奖励 额外奖励 说明
secretary 1000 NULS/Month 200NULS/Month 基础奖励不与技术理事奖励叠加
财务人员 1000 NULS/Month 200NULS/Month 基础奖励不与技术理事奖励叠加
委员 1000 NULS/Month 0 基础奖励不与技术理事奖励叠加


  1. 每周四 10:00 UTC召开例会,会议由秘书主持,会后发送会议纪要给相关人员,相关人员可以视情况转发会议纪要。每个月前三次会议为NTCC例会,第四次会议为NTC全体大会。会议使用工具Zoom进行。子圈子周会机制可以根据具体情况进行调整,但建议各个子圈子在NTCC会议之前进行周会。
  2. 每一个NTCC成员都可以召集临时会议及时处理紧要事件。
  3. 积极参与各种提案的讨论,谨慎并明确的表达自己的意见,并为自己的意见负责。
  4. 由技术理事每周向NULS理事会报告NTC工作情况。轮值首席技术理事负责检查所有成员的周报,并督促未提交周报的成员。汇总所有周报内容进行风险控制
  5. 由技术理事每半个月向社区公布一个NTC工作情况报告(本期工作内容,下期计划)
  6. 任何子圈子的Leadlink都可以和任意一个NTCC成员沟通,反馈问题,提出建议,寻求决策等。
  7. 由NTCC统一决策每个成员的分工,重点考虑子圈子Leadlink的意见。
  8. 当NTCC中有成员退出时,及时补充新成员进入NTCC。
  9. NTCC是共同体,理事会可以对NTCC结果进行评估和惩罚。
  10. 指导工作时间
  • 全职
    80 hours/2weeks
  • 兼职
    40 hours/2weeks
  1. 每个成员每周都需要提交一个周报,完整的描述自己本周的工作时间,工作内容,工作结果。周报以Markdown的格式编写,编写后将内容上传到github上,由轮值首席技术理事负责检查和督促(也可以指派其他理事会成员进行)
  2. 成员等级变更
  3. NTC成员假期
  4. 成员加入
  5. 成员试用期
  6. 成员退出
  • 主动退出:提出申请,进行交接,结算报酬
  • 辞退:通报全社区,结算报酬
  1. 报酬发放
  • 全体成员以NULS作为报酬结算方式
  • 原则上每个成员需要自己提供服务器,维护一个NULS节点,并设置节点的奖励地址为财务指定的地址。
  • 由财务负责及时调整每个成员的节点设置和资金委托,具体的报酬数量根据角色和级别计算
  • 外包人员的报酬需要分段支付,具体支付数量和时间由对接人和NTCC决定
  • 未来还要做什么:
    1. 绩效考核机制,考核结果和报酬挂钩。
    2. 报酬管理合约:目前由核心团队来管理节点建立和委托工作,未来会编写一个智能合约,统一收集所有地址的收益,按月设置每个成员的发放数额,每个成员定期自主领取报酬。


我们设计了4种情况下的分级奖励模型,分别应对NULS在不同价格区间的报酬计算方式,如下5个价格区间:<$1 , $1 - $3, $3 - $5, $5 - $10,> $10。具体设置如下:


此时全职最低工资约为1030 NULS,最高约为7213 NULS

全职 全职 全职 全职 兼职 兼职 兼职 兼职
级别 保证金 佣金比例 委托量 说明 保证金 佣金比例 委托量 说明
1级 2w 40 20w 10w委托的全部收益 2w 15 20w 5w委托收益
2级 2w 90 20w 20w收益 2w 40 20w 10w委托收益
3级 2w 100 28w 30w收益 2w 65 20w 15w收益
4级 2w 100 33w 35w收益 2w 78 20w 17.6w收益
5级 2w 100 38w 40w收益 2w 90 20w 20w收益
6级 2w 100 43w 45w收益 2w 100 20.5w 22.5w收益
7级 2w 100 48w 50w收益 2w 100 23w 25w收益
8级 5w 100 50 55w收益 2w 100 25.5w 27.5w收益
9级 10w 100 50w 60w收益 2w 100 28w 30w收益
10级 20w 100 50w 70w收益 2w 100 33w 35w收益

此时全职最低工资约为1030 NULS,最高约为5666 NULS

全职 全职 全职 全职 兼职 兼职 兼职 兼职
级别 保证金 佣金比例 委托量 说明 保证金 佣金比例 委托量 说明
1级 2w 40 20w 10w委托的全部收益 2w 15 20w 5w委托收益
2级 2w 65 20w 15w收益 2w 28 20w 7.6万委托收益
3级 2w 90 20w 20w收益 2w 40 20w 10w收益
4级 2w 100 23w 25w收益 2w 53 20w 12.6w收益
5级 2w 100 28w 30w收益 2w 65 20w 15w收益
6级 2w 100 33w 35w收益 2w 78 20w 17.6w收益
7级 2w 100 38w 40w收益 2w 90 20w 20w收益
8级 2w 100 43w 45w收益 2w 100 20.5w 22.5w收益
9级 2w 100 48w 50w收益 2w 100 23w 25w收益
10级 5w 100 50w 55w收益 2w 100 28w 30w收益