Donut’s Proposal to Create two Nodes to support NULS Community

Nuls and Wormhole3 reached a long-term strategic cooperation in February 2022. Nuls supports the application proposal to create nodes through community funds, which is suitable for Wormhole3’s long-term cooperation.

Now, the new product from the Wormhole3 team — Donut, has been launched on Bitcoin Layer2 (BEVM) and has been performing exceptionally well. Donut hopes to continue its strategic partnership with Wormhole3 and Nuls. Donut and Wormhole3 aim to jointly apply for two nodes, with all profits intended to support:

1)Building an IP network for NULS and assisting participants in the NULS ecosystem to establish decentralized credit (IPShare);

2)Launching the social inscription protocol BSRC20 and supporting the minting of inscriptions;

3)User growth incentives;

4)Establishing a content community for NULS.

Reward Calculation for each node


Commission ratio:80%

Daily Reward:116.0404 Nuls

Weekly Reward:812.282 Nuls

Monthly Reward:4529.5699 Nuls

Yearly Reward: 42354.7306 Nuls

Reward Address

Package address: NULSd6HgZy965fdShJSubwT6uYYCQXY25d1eK

Reward address: NULSd6HggXSGfhKResKKRYbKFNCgr72ADjsLg

Future Collaboration Plan

Donut & Wormhole3 and Nuls have maintained a good long-term cooperative relationship. On the basis of mutual trust, we also hope to cooperate deeply in the future to build the Web3 ecosystem together. In particular, Donut is building an NFT liquidity protocol and an open social graph within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The collaborative projects are as follows:

  1. Donut joins the ENULS ecosystem and supports the ENULS chain;

  2. After deeper integration with the Bitcoin ecosystem, ENULS, Donut supports the establishment of liquidity pools for NFT assets from the Bitcoin network on the ENULS chain;

  3. Wormhole3 and Nutbox, as ecosystem projects similar to Donut will continue to support ENULS.

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